Halloween Cake Walk 2018

It’s that time of year again!


St. Andrew School Council is busy making preparations for the very popular annual Halloween Cake Walk!

St. Andrew Cake Walk FAQs:


When will this year’s cake walk be taking place?

Friday, October 26th in the Learning Commons. Students will be visiting with their classes throughout the day.

When will I have tickets to fill out?

Ticket sheets were sent home last week and are due back at the school, with payment, on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Tickets can also be printed off at home using this link:


When can I drop off my treats?

You can drop off your cake walk treats on Friday, October 26th between 7 and 9 am. Volunteers will be waiting outside the learning commons to help collect treats as they arrive.

Can I drop off non-food items?

Yes! Families can drop off non-food items as well. The kids love them and they are a great, safe way for families with allergy concerns to participate in the event.


How should I package my treats?

It’s best to divide treats into smaller portions in order to make sure as many students as possible go home with a treat. For example, instead of packaging a plate with a dozen cupcakes, consider breaking them down into two packages of six, or even three packages of four.


Also, when packaging, please keep in mind that children will be taking their treats home with them at the end of the day. Try to package your treats in containers that are easy to carry by little hands.



This sounds like lots of fun! How can I volunteer?

It is a lot of fun, and we would LOVE the extra help! If you think you could lend a hand with this event, please contact Alicia Dorey at :


Cake Walk 2018 Poster

Halloween Cake Walk 2018

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