St. Andrew Parent Workshop: Social Resiliency & Pro-Social Skills for Kids

New parent workshop on social resiliency and pro-social skills for kids!


Wednesday, April 13th from 6:30-8:30pm

St. Andrew Catholic School

For parents, caregivers and coaches of school-aged children.

Explore strategies for teaching pro-social skills to your child through modeling, setting appropriate expectations and practicing. Discover how to become your child’s social skill coach and help them maneuver through life’s daily social challenges. Teach assertive communication rather than relying on aggressive or passive communication techniques to create more peaceful relationships for your child.

Free childcare will be available. Please pre-register if you require childcare for this event.


St. Andrew Parent Workshop: Social Resiliency & Pro-Social Skills for Kids

Results of the Resiliency and Coping Skills Workshop

St. Andrew Catholic School Council is pleased to announce the success of the Resiliency and Coping Skills Workshop, which took place on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at St. Andrew School.

Parents and caregivers had the opportunity to learn new skills and get new resources to support their growing children!

In advance of the event, 80 people pre-registered online, including 27 children. The actual attendance of the event was 62 people, including seven children.

Free childcare was available onsite.

The event featured:


  • A keynote address by Elizabeth Paquette (Chief Psychologist, Catholic School Board) “Resiliency: What Children Need To Grow and Thrive”


  • Hands-on workshops:


Life Stressors; Coping Strategies (Christine Callingham, Serenity Renewal for Families)


Anxiety: Supporting Your Anxious Child (Joanne Boyd, Parent Support)


  • Help resources, educational tools and Q&A :
  1. Lynda Donaldson – Youth Counselor, Serenity Renewal for Families


  1. Susan Perrault – The Crossroads Children’s Centre, Senior Worker


  1. Laura Kidd – The Royal, Mental Health – Care & Research “Is it just me,” HealthyMinds app, DIFD – Youth Mental Health


  1. Kelly Watson – The Royal, DIFD Merchandise


  1. Kimberly (Kym) Macaulay – (RN BScN) Ottawa Public Health Nurse, School Health Program, Ottawa Public Health


  1. Tania Cull – Registered Nurse, Mental Health and Addictions Nurse (St. Andrew), CCAC (Champlain Community Care Access Center) – info on WOCRC, YSB and OCTC, CPS groups for parents and ‘e-mental health’ website


  1. Ulrike Komaksiutiksak – PLEO – Parents’ Lifelines of Easter Ontario, Program Manager


  1. Chris Nihmey – Author, Teacher, Advocate: Two Sides to the Story: Living a Lie


Feel free to check out the event presentations and support tools below.


New learning opportunities coming soon! More details to follow.


Resiliency Preso_Elizabeth Paquette_Oct2015

JB_Action Plan for Supporting My Anxious Child_Oct2015

JB_Supporting Your Anxious Child Preso_Oct2015

JB_Worryfreetools_1 page

SRF__Stress Management Preso_Oct2015

SRF_Stress Resource Tool


Results of the Resiliency and Coping Skills Workshop