What does School Council do?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already into the second month of the school year!

The St. Andrew School Council is already hard at work organizing great events for the school community!

On September 24, we held the 2015-2016 Welcome Back Bash and on October 14, we hosted a Resiliency and Coping Skills workshop; complete with a keynote speaker, hands-on workshops, helpful resources and educational tools. Coming up at the end of the month, we’ll invite St. Andrew families to participate in  the 2015 Halloween Cake Walk. Check back soon for more details!

cake walk

2014 Halloween Cake Walk

Those are just a few examples of initiatives the School Council is responsible for!

Last year, we organized and supported numerous projects that were possible because of fundraising initiatives over the years.

Here are some of the initiatives that were organized last year and where some of the fundraising dollars went:

  • Contributed to the 2014 Christmas performance.


  • Purchased Bibles for the Grade 4 Bible ceremony:bible ceremony (2)bible ceremony (1)


  • Helped support various class activities, like buses for class field trips.


  • Organized donations for our communities, in particular, for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard and for our sister school, Our Lady of Mount Carmel

christmas dance (2)

2014 Christmas Dance – Toy Collection

basket raffle

2014-2015 Gift Basket Raffle

  • Helped with the 2015 Graduation Ceremony


  • Contributed to purchasing various technological and learning instruments, such as iPad Minis, Chromebooks, portable sound systems, tech tubs, science equipment, etc.


  • Supported teachers with an allotment to help them purchase items for their classrooms, such as mats and an incubator for hatching chicks, which was a hit with the students:


  • Supplied hot chocolate for our annual Winter Fun Day


  • Purchased new school team jerseys


  • Organized several activities for the school community, such as the Winter Wonderland Dance,  the Welcome Back Bash and the Year-End BBQ
  • welcome back bash (2)christmas dance (1)


  • Revitalized the school yard with support from community donors (the addition of boulders, logs for our outdoor classroom, etc):yard (1)yard kids

We hope that all of these initiatives help contribute to a wonderful learning environment and friendly community for all students!

For more information on our initiatives and how you can contribute, join us for a meeting or email us: standrewcouncil@gmail.com

What does School Council do?

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